Tax Advisory Services

Tax Advisory Services

Our Tax Advisory Services are categorized under two  broad headings:

  •  Corporate Tax Management
  •  Personal  Income  (PAYE)  Tax Management

Corporate Tax Management : Our corporate tax management services cover Company Income Tax (CIT), Education Tax,  Value Added Tax (VAT) and Withholding Tax  (WHT). The specific services we shall be  providing will include:

  1. Reviewing the company’s operations  from time to time with a view to provide  tax advice that are relevant to your  business.
  2. Reviewing the company’s financials for  the purpose of properly managing  Company tax exposure and filing monthly  returns as required by law.
  3. Assisting the company in applying and  collecting the company’s Tax Clearance  Certificate (TCC).
  4. Assisting the company in liaison with  delegated officials to respond to tax  queries that may be raised by the tax  authorities from time to time.

Personal Income Tax Management : This involves structuring the employees’ payroll in the most tax efficient manner in line with the  provision of the tax laws, without also losing  cognizance of the peculiarities of the  company’s operations and business  The specific services we shall be providing  will include:

  1. Review and advice on monthly  remittance of PAYE tax and filing annual  tax returns.
  2. Assist the company in remitting its  monthly PAYE tax and obtaining evidence  of such remittance.
  3. Obtaining personal income tax forms  such as the e-TCC forms, the forms A’s  and remittance cards.
  4. Completion and filing of employees  Annual Declaration of Income and Claim  for Reliefs (Form A) to obtain tax reliefs  and allowance (Tax Deduction Cards).
  5. Filing annual returns of income and tax  and processing Tax Clearance Certificates  on behalf of Executive Directors of the  company.

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